Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect 6 Week Mastermind Course

In John Maxwell’s break-through book he highlights one of the most overlooked aspects about leadership. Connection. Leaders cannot succeed without communicating effectively; it’s not good enough just to work hard. To be successful, you must learn how to really communicate with others, and that means learning how to connect with them.

In just 6 weeks we will help you change the trajectory of your business and life.

Sign up now for a Everyone Communicates Few Connect Mastermind Course based on the best selling book that has transformed the lives of millions across the world.

This 5-Week Mastermind Course will take you from frustration to building bridges in your private and business life!

Since you are reading these words, I believe you have the desire to reach your potential. so the questions becomes, how do you do it? The answer is GROWTH! And that is what this mastermind will do!


Some Of What You Will Learn From This Mastermind:

How to find and create common ground.

How to increase your influence in every situation.

How to create an experience everyone enjoys.

This Course IS for You if:

You are growth oriented.
You are experiencing challenges that you aren’t sure how to overcome.
You want to grow in your leadership capability.
You are hard working.
You are someone who sees yourself as an investment.

This Course is NOT for You if:

You are entitled.
You believe life should be easy
you want to be a foloower and go through the motions of life.
You want to stay where you are in life and stop growing.
You are lazy.
You consider your future an unworthy investment.

Timeline-Course Schedule

Week 1: 7-9 PM
(First Session is 120 Minutes)  Introductions

Week 2: 7-8:30 PM

Week 3: 7-8:30 PM

Week 4: 7-8:30 PM

Week 5: 7-8:30 PM

What to Expect

In this 6-Week course, made up of 90-minute sessions, you will be joining with a small group of likeminded, growth oriented leaders who are committed to advancing to the next level and beyond through intentional growth.

This experience is based on the lessons taught and communicated in John C. Maxwell’s book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.  While this course is based on the book, this is not a book study.  We will be diving deep into how to apply these concepts into your life and particular circumstances.  You can expect me, Dan Hendon, to show up on time, prepared to lead us in discussion that will help all of us grow together for all six 90-minute sessions. You can also expect us to end on time out of respect for you and your fellow participants time. 

The book will be shipped to your home prior to the start of the first session for your use and reference during this course.

We will keep this group small to specifically design the best experience for all participant.  So get your spot while it is available!

What will be Expected of You

Schedule each of the course sessions and arrive on-time out of respect for your personal growth and the time of your fellow participants.

Read the corresponding chapter(s) prior to the course session.

Actively engage with relevant experience and challenges.

In the space of this course, we will all be respectful of one another allowing space to speak, using encouraging words, not speaking over one another, or using derogatory language.

Our time together is also confidential.  We will not share outside of the group what is shared inside the group unless directly given permission otherwise.

There are less than 12 seats available!  This is an online MasterMind via zoom.

Do you have a disconnect in your team? You can set yourself and your business up for better connection and growth wich will insure a better future!!

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