Lead Like Jesus

Helping you live and Lead Like Jesus as you build a business for God’s glory.

This is a community experience.
You will have access to monthly group coaching sessions
where you can ask Dan anything (AMA’s).
There is also a library of trainings and courses that you
get access to that will change you and your business!

$97 per month
Yearly cost is $970

In a world where you have thousands of ideas, products, and services grabbing for your attention every day the key component to success isn’t the flashy new thing, but consistency. Consistency is a fundamental component to fulfilling the vision you have for your business, ministry, and life. Consistency is essential for your growth in your business and personal life. That is why I have committed myself to being here for you consistently and helping you Lead Like Jesus.

Lead Like Jesus is a weekly program where I help you build your life and business out of the dream that God has given you. Three weeks out of the month I host you and other Christian entrepreneurs and businesspeople on a concise call. It consists of a Biblically based training for the first part of the call. Then the rest of the call I field questions from you and others in a strategic process of overcoming the hurdles that you are experiencing in your business, ministry, and life. This process will empower you as we walk with your peers in overcoming the hurdles that they are experiencing, and you will be inspired by their breakthroughs and creative solutions.

Another blessing in this community is the solidarity that comes from knowing that you are not alone and have a community that will encourage, challenge, and equip you.

God is using you and has given you this vision and we will help you create momentum as you build.

You will be refreshed as you listen, learn, and take action based on the questions that we navigate through together.

You will be affirmed as you step out in faith and commit to growing your business by growing YOURSELF through this unique opportunity.

Lead Like Jesus is a community in which you will be on the call with other believers who are striving with you to fulfill your visions as you understand one another’s struggles.

Many people that reach out to me need a more economical opportunity to work with me than the one-on-one coaching that I provide, while still needing a coach that aligns with their faith. So, I have created the Lead Like Jesus community as an affordable option for group coaching where I can serve those who are in the beginning stages of their journey and may not be ready to invest in individual coaching. Lead Like Jesus will give you access to me and my years of experience and passion to pour into you.

Lead Like Jesus is flexible if you cannot join the call this week that is fine, just jump on next week. Don’t have a specific question? That’s fine, our discussion might spark one and you will glean wisdom and ideas from others that week.

In the month we have 3 calls to learn and process, but the 4th week where there is no call scheduled is strategic. Use the time that you have allotted for Lead Like Jesus to implement some of the lessons that you have been learning and take action. I want you to have more than mere information handed to you. So, this group is geared toward action. This is to help you rise up and fulfill the calling and vision that God has given you. Your involvement in Lead Like Jesus will empower you to live and lead like Jesus in every area of your life as you grow in Him. God uses all sorts of people, businesses, and ministries to accomplish His purposes. I LOVE working with people like you as I get to join you in pursuing the vision God has given you as you impact the world.

An investment of just $39 a month gives you access to this unique coaching experience. I look forward to welcoming you into this community of amazing individuals who are walking out their faith in real ways by answering the call God has given them.

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